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on October 28, 2020

We all carry a different energy within us. Some people refer to this as vibrating on different frequencies.

Whether our energy is positive or negative, high or low, it not only affects us but the people around us and our perception of life or reality.

Our experiences, past and present can influence our behavior and dictate our emotions. This has a huge impact on the life we live and the reality that surrounds us.

Our natural instinct causes us to want to remove ourselves from situations and people that do not vibrate on the same frequency as us. You may refer to this as ‘negative people’ or ‘bad vibes’. We do this because we feel that their negativity may in some way affect us, which on some levels is true.

 Ask yourself, are you surround by negative people?!

Negative people are easy to identify. They are usually Judgmental, critical of others without justification, miserable, pessimistic, moany, argumentative and so on. Negative people have a tendency to put others down and speak badly everything. This is a direct reflection of how they feel within themselves, so they project their negative feelings onto others.

Here are a few suggestions to help protect and maintain our own energy. Meditate to raise your vibration, practice Yoga, exercise, drink lots of water, surround yourself with positive people, practice daily gratitude, do for others, self-care and the change of perception. There are many other ways, just find what works best for you.

Having good energy attracts good things and good people. Your energy is sacred, protect it at all costs. 

Love and light


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