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Remaining safe and Alert

on August 04, 2020

As we all know, the COVID 19 crisis, which we're still battling, has come without notice and has taken many precious lives across the world. It is having a significant impact on our basic needs such as health, economy and education.

Following the initial rapid increase in COVID-19 cases, we’ve had to quarantine, because the spread of infection correlates with human contact. This is why global lockdown was essential for the preservation of life. This action alone leads to a decrease in cases. Although this was a relief to the world, we must not forget that Covid-19 still poses a threat and we are still very much at risk.

As we all try to enjoy the few summer months we have left, we must remain alert at all times, continue to the social distance where possible, wear our masks and use our hand sanitisers for infection control.

One day this will all be a distant memory, but for now, we must take care of one another, follow the guidelines, stay safe and stay alert.

Love and light


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