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Yoga for All

on July 21, 2020

As we grow older, we’re able to evaluate changes in our body and our feelings in many ways. Therefore, in order to face things positively, we need to build a balance of physical energy as well as resilience to negativity, in order to remain healthy and whole.

Yoga is the number one activity to develop good physical and mental well-being, as it focuses primarily on strength, flexibility and breathing.

Whether you're a Child, Teenager, pregnant or in your 20s, 50s or above, it can calm your mind and boost your body immensely.

  • Kids and School Students – Yoga can enable them to concentrate more effectively while learning. With a calm mind, they can also develop their social skills and increase their confidence.
  • Pregnant women – Practising yoga during the pregnancy can help Mothers in preparation for their labour, by maintaining suppleness within the body and assisting with pain management.
  • Age 50s and above - As we age, some of us can experience shortness of breath and maybe less steady on our feet. There may be various reasons for this including physical ailments and underlying health issues. Yet happily, the impact on our bodies can be reduced by listening to our bodies with a calm mind, whilst building strength, by practising gentle movements.

As none of us will live forever, the ultimate aim is to keep the body as strong and healthy as we can,  so we can enjoy life for the time we are here.


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